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Measuring “Galvanic Currents” produced by
Toxic Metal Poison in the Mouth,
Understanding the harmful effects  on the Body.

The PERTEC ORAL METER II performs measurements of certain electrochemical properties of various metallic restorations.

These measurements are displayed on large, easy-to-read, LCD displays targeted for operator-patient viewing.

Operation is simple and automatic, with the touch of a single button integrated into one of the
2 specially designed oral probes. A subtle “beep” punctuates each measurement to assure both operator and patient of proper and complete switch operation.

The OPM II is completely self-contained in an attractive, sturdy, and versatile case. The viewing angle is adjustable via two easy-grip  knobs.

 The OPM II is battery-operated and free of power cord connections, making it suitable for use on any level surface and it’s completely portable.

Teeth-Meridian Relationship